New version of mobile tea room

It is a new version of the structure frame of the portable tea room.
Patent pending design for mobility.

Kurita-kun Secret Base Kindergarten

Secret base Kurita-kun appeared in the kindergarten!
Kurita-kun is a shelf.(Furniture)gradually changes the shape from the straight alignment.

Can be connected and separated. Backside, Zigzag, Neggle, Shaped, Arc, etc.
The expression changes freely.

Cutout windows such as circles, triangles, squares, and stars are framed and cut out of the landscape.

Children's hearts are excited by the number of patterns and how to decorate!
But we who are shooting mysteriously feel that way.

I wonder if it's proof that I haven't lost my child's mind.

A secret base in an old private house

Accommodation Experience Secret Base
It is a model room, and the room which has the accommodation function is .
The guest room prepared in the inn Kao / Soba tea dormitory Yuraku Tochio is so.
The modern Japanese-style design with the scent of cypress and grass has gained a reputation.
A secret atmosphere also makes the heart bounce.

The floor wall ceiling is made of solid wood of the same size of cypress.
The light through the corridor shines and the brightness is perfect.

It was seen from the corridor side.
Only the person who sees it for the first time.
That's right, because I'm taking PAT.

The warm thora, too, has been renewed. It is an old private house regeneration model base when passing through the warm carpet.
Hidden room in the back?
You can enjoy sights from old private houses to modern design rooms.

How do you do

I'm Kurita, the owner.
25th anniversary of the company's foundingWe started public relations on the Internet on the occasion.
Thank you for your continued support.

Announcement of the opening of the WEB site!

This time, we have opened a website.