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Q,I would like to secure daylight and ventilation even from the wall where the neighboring house is close to me.
A,In the KUM construction method, slit lighting and ventilation can be ensured while the wall retains the load-bearing capacity of the wall, and the interior of the building is difficult to see due to the colonnade.

Q,The delivery road is narrow at the flagpole site, and it is an alley, so large work vehicles cannot enter.
A,With the KUM construction method, materials such as wood can be brought in and assembled by hand even on an alley-like site.

Q,There is a step of more than 1 m on the site, and I am worried about expansion.
A,In the KUM construction method, there is a connection method that follows the step. It can be easily solved whether it is an extension or a new construction.

Q,It is a strip-shaped townhouse house with an elongated building. Is there a way to make it widely usable and strong?
A,In the KUM construction method, a box-shaped shape is created with colonnaded walls and lattice beams for the floor and ceiling to give it strength.

Q,I would like to build a mezzanine, but I hear that the conventional wooden construction method is not recommended because the pillars are likely to break.
A,By incorporating the KUM construction method, the weakness of the mezzanine can be eliminated.

Q,I'm thinking of introducing a shelter as a reinforcement for only one room.
A,A,Our KUM shelters are available in foundation-mounted and floor-mounted versions.

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